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All About Dance with Ashley Binette


Ashley found her love for dance and performing at a very young age. With over 20 years in the performing arts industry, she has earned titles such as National Gold Champion for two consecutive years in dance competitions in Las Vegas and Orlando, as well as National Silver Champion in Portland, Oregon. Ashley is trained in tap, hip hop, jazz, musical theatre and ballet and has trained with many masters, including Jeni Le Gon, Jason Samuels Smith and Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo (NappyTabs).


She was a backup dancer for Tazneem Tarmohamed, has been featured in television commercials such as Alley Cats, and performed in local productions, including For The Luv Of It, West Side Story and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Ceremony. Ashley is always eager to share her knowledge and continue to learn in every aspect in the performing arts industry.


[ 7-lesson workshop with video and supporting materials ]

All about Dance!

With Ashley Binette

In this course you will learn about all different aspects of dance. Learn everything from how to properly warmup your body, tips to help you remember your dance, and some short fun hip hop and musical theatre dance choreography. We would love to see you perform these numbers so feel free to share your videos with us on social media!


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Course content

  1. Basic dance warmup

Follow along with me as we take our bodies through a traditional jazz dance warm up.


  1. Tips to improve lower body flexibility

Learn a few extra stretches that will help improve your lower body flexibility and help you reach your full splits.


  1. Four dance moves everyone should know

Don’t skip learning these important dance moves! They’re classics for a reason we’ll use them in our later choreography.


  1. Level 1 Musical Theatre

Learn some simple musical theatre choreography.


  1. Level 2 Musical Theatre

Another video that will teach you some musical theatre choreography, only this time the moves get a little more challenging, and the music is faster!


  1. Level 1 Hip Hop

Learn some basic hip hop choreography.


  1. Level 2 Hip Hop

Take your hip hop up a level as you learn some more complicated choreography.

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