• How to Perform a Song with Lauren Trotzuk

    by Lauren Trotzuk
    11 Lessonsin
    • How to Perform a Song - Suggested price: $45.00

    This course was designed for kids who want to improve their performance when singing. Learn vocal warm ups, proper techniques, and tools you can apply to any song you sing whether it’s for fun in your living room, for an audition, or on stage. It feels amazing to be given a solo in a musical. But then what? How do you work on your music? What should you be doing to make it look good as well as sound good? Or maybe you need to prepare a song for an audition and you’re not sure where to start. In this course Lauren will teach you not just how to SING your song but how to PERFORM it. Musical theatre is different from singing in a choir. Your job is to tell a story through song and there are many ways you can do this.

  • All About Dance with Ashley Binette

    by Ashley Binette
    7 Lessonsin
    • All About Dance - Suggested price: $45.00

    In this course you will learn about all different aspects of dance. Learn everything from how to properly warmup your body, tips to help you remember your dance, and some short fun hip hop and musical theatre dance choreography. We would love to see you perform these numbers so feel free to share your videos with us on social media!

  • Acting For Theatre with Lauren Hillman

    by Lauren Hillman
    11 Lessonsin
    • Acting For Theatre - Suggested price: $45.00
    Acting For Theatre online course for kids

    This online course has been designed to give you tools, not rules. Some activities may help you more than others, and some may work for a friend, but not for you. Use the tools that work for you and walk away from the rest. Or come back to them later. The course was designed to be like what you would experience if you were in a camp with Lauren. There are games and exercises that have been modified for you to do at home, while the videos coach you through them in real time. While everything was designed for you to do solo there are some activities that will be more fun with a partner, so you’re encouraged to grab a family member to join in the fun!

  • Playmaking Series by Deborah Solberg

    by Deb Solberg
    17 Lessonsin

    Kids just wanna have fun! Welcome to a DIY at-your-own-pace course for kids to create! Help them create stories they can act out for a lifetime with Play-Making! Lessons below introduce playmaking beginning with basic storytelling elements.  This set of short (4-8 minute) lessons are easily played back in Microsoft PowerPoint.  Narration underscores graphics with animations that can be activated on the Toolbar.  Demonstrations and examples are part of this No Cost course for elementary school children.

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