Acting For Theatre

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Acting For Theatre – with Lauren Hillman


This online course has been designed to give you tools, not rules. Some activities may help you more than others, and some may work for a friend, but not for you. Use the tools that work for you and walk away from the rest. Or come back to them later.

The course was designed to be like what you would experience if you were in a camp with Lauren. There are games and exercises that have been modified for you to do at home, while the videos coach you through them in real time.

While everything was designed for you to do solo there are some activities that will be more fun with a partner, so you’re encouraged to grab a family member to join in the fun!



  • Lesson One: Warm Ups for the Actor
  • Lesson Two: Stage Directions and Other Words You Need to Know
  • Lesson Three: Breathing
  • Lesson Four: Movement
  • Lesson Five: Making the Invisible Visible
  • Lesson Six: Go Big or Go Home
  • Lesson Seven: G.O.T.E.
  • Lesson Eight: Subtext
  • Lesson Nine: Character
  • Lesson Ten: Putting it Together


Instructors: Lauren Hillman
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When: Evergreen Course (Always Available Online)

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