Not So Long Ago


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Not So Long Ago


30 – 45 minute play by Deborah Solberg


Peace is a problem-solving process.

Not So Long Ago is a fun, educational and interactive one act fairy tale; an example of how we can work out our problems to live peacefully with the spirits on earth and above.

Angel has crossed over to the other side, but wants to help her parents, the Wife and Husband, who are grieving and have to move because the country has split in two. A Fairy comes to help her help them even though no one can see or hear them.

The Kingdom of Canukland is not getting along very well. Duke BouRassy takes direction from his thumb-sucking, blanket carrying wizard, Merlinus, and Prince Mulronyd has a Dragon, named Fearless, who does not speak or breathe fire, and in fact, is very fearful.

The Maid is the narrator and describes how the Kingdom of Canukland has been split in two, Canadonia and Canadavia, and no one knows how to bring it together.

The Husband and Wife resent being forced to speak a different language, and the Husband declares
he will go to war. The Maid overhears and decides to warn the Prince.

The Angel and the Fairy wonder how they can stop it and decide to wait for the right moment to intervene.

How do they come together when they are so far apart?

Cost: $15

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