Snow White (Script)


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Snow White


40 – 50 minute musical adaptation by Deborah Solberg


Play by Deborah J. Solberg
Music and Lyrics by Yurgen Ilander & Gary Huntbach (sold separately here)

Snow White wants to be loved, but the Queen wants to be the Fairest in the Land. That means Snow White must go. And never come back. Only the Ladies in Waiting, Dwarves and animals can help Snow White determine her own fate.

This original musical adaptation scripted by Deborah Jean Solberg with music by Yurgen Ilander mirrors the real story. And it’s all in the Mirror! The mirror, as all mirrors do, tells it like it really is. Even the Queen cannot escape the mirror.

Snow White must run for her life, and just like the story says, she encounters little people in the forest. But a twist in the story about true love turns this classic fairytale into a contemporary redemption story for elementary school children to try vocal and character expression, with fun songs to sing and dance to.

Cost: $15

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