The Happiness Play (Langley)


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Sam is having a bad day. An awful day. Sam is having an awful, sad, completely horrible, and just plain crappy day. Normally a cheerful kid, today Sam’s anything but happy and it looks like nothing will be able to change that. But not if Sam’s friends have anything to say about it! They know her better than she knows herself, and they know how to make her happy. At least, they think they do. And they’ll do whatever it takes to bring a smile to Sam’s face; sing a song, do a silly dance, tell a funny joke. Because if they can make her smile then she’ll be happy… won’t she?

This will be a Theatrix Original Production and students will work with the director to create a script, story, and characters from scratch. Rehearsals will include discussions about our mental health, happiness, what it means to be happy, and how it can be achieved, and may also include activities for our mental health like meditation, visualization, yoga, and more.

The finished play will be performed in Langley, as well as at a mini Theatre festival in Coquitlam.

Note: As health guidelines continue to change over the next few months it is possible that the entire play will need to be recorded and that performances may be for a virtual audience only.

Ages: 6-11

Fee: $245*

*As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we are offering all students of our first Langley program this special introductory rate.

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