The One-Stop Happiness Shop (Music)


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The One-Stop Happiness Shop

The One-Stop Happiness Shop was created during the pandemic and focuses on themes of mental health as well as teaching children about the concept of managing emotions. Thanks to support from The City of Coquitlam’s Support and Recovery Grant this script is available for free for a limited time. Please credit Theatrix Youtheatre, the playwright, and composer in any productions.


A shop has appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t there yesterday. Run by a mad scientist and her loopy shop assistants, most would be afraid to enter, if it wasn’t for what the shop claims to sell… Happiness. When a group of children, each dealing with their own personal problems, discover The One-Stop Happiness Shop they’re certain this is the answer they’ve been looking for. A magic pill to get rid of all their problems. But they’re about to learn there’s no shortcut to happiness.

This 45-50 minute production includes four original songs and is best suited to students in grades 3-7 or a mixed age group. Requires a minimum cast of 11 students but the roles of the roppets can easily be divided into more characters for a larger class size.

A study guide is also available for this production to help facilitate a discussion on the ideas and themes presented in this story. Educators not looking to stage their own production or work with the script in their classroom are welcome to watch the recorded performance here using the study guide as additional support material.

Cost: $5.00

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