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KidSpeak Theatre Festival – Recap

The One-Stop Happiness Shop 
Created by Lauren Hillman and the cast of students from the tri-cities this play is themed around children’s mental health and happiness. When a group of children, each dealing with their own challenging emotions, enter the One-Stop Happiness Shop, run by an eccentric Doctor and her assistants, they learn that there’s no such thing as a short cut to happiness.

The (Im)Perfect Day
Created by Lauren Trotzuk and our first-ever cast of students from Langley/Aldergrove this play also deals with themes of mental health in the context of what makes us feel good or bad. In this play, Sam is having a bad day. But her friends won’t let her stay that way for long!

Human Like Me
Created by Lauren Hillman and the cast of our fall production, with help from members of our community, this play was part of an anti-racism initiative. A live reprisal of our fall performance will show what happens when a family of humans move to Obelopolis: The World’s Happiest Monster Metropolis.

Sponsored in part by The City of Coquitlam Community Support and Recovery Grant and the Government of Canada. Special thanks to the Langley Arts Council for their partnership on The (Im)Perfect Day, and to the Government of Canada for their support creating Human Like Me.

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