Online Acting Classes and Webinars For Kids

  • Evergreen Courses are ‘Always Online Courses’ that can be taken at any time on our website. These include webinars and multi-lesson courses to enrich students with the tools they need to succeed in the performing arts.

Online Acting Classes for Kids

Acting For Theatre online course for kids


Acting For Theatre – with Lauren Hillman

Evergreen Course – Always online, work at your own pace

This online course has been designed to give you tools, not rules. Some activities may help you more than others, and some may work for a friend, but not for you. Use the tools that work for you and walk away from the rest. Or come back to them later.

The course was designed to be like what you would experience if you were in a camp with Lauren. There are games and exercises that have been modified for you to do at home, while the videos coach you through them in real time.

While everything was designed for you to do solo there are some activities that will be more fun with a partner, so you’re encouraged to grab a family member to join in the fun!



  • Lesson One: Warm Ups for the Actor
  • Lesson Two: Stage Directions and Other Words You Need to Know
  • Lesson Three: Breathing
  • Lesson Four: Movement
  • Lesson Five: Making the Invisible Visible
  • Lesson Six: Go Big or Go Home
  • Lesson Seven: G.O.T.E.
  • Lesson Eight: Subtext
  • Lesson Nine: Character
  • Lesson Ten: Putting it Together


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Free Practice Scenes

Use these free practice scenes to hone your acting skills and have fun!

Excerpt from 2018 ‘The Snow Queen’
2 Female Roles

Excerpt from 2019 ‘The Twisted Tale of Robin Hood’
2 Actors, any gender

Excerpt from 2019 ‘The Twisted Tale of Robin Hood’
2 Female Roles

Excerpt from 2019 ‘Narnia – The Musical’
1 Female Role, 1 Gender-Neutral Role

Excerpt from 2019 ‘The Twisted Tale of Robin Hood’
2 Gender-Neutral Roles


More FREE plays, scripts & more

Online Dance Classes for Kids

All About Dance online dance course for kids


All About Dance – with Ashley Binette

Evergreen Course – Always online, work at your own pace

In this course you will learn about all different aspects of dance. Learn everything from how to properly warm up your body, tips to help you remember your dance, and some short fun hip hop and musical theatre dance choreography.


  • Lesson One – Basic dance warm up
  • Lesson Two – Tips to improve lower body flexibility
  • Lesson Three – Four dance moves everyone should know
  • Lesson Four – Level 1 Musical Theatre
  • Lesson Five – Level 2 Musical Theatre
  • Lesson Six – Level 1 Hip Hop
  • Lesson Seven – Level 2 Hip Hop


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Online Singing Classes for Kids

How to perform a song online singing classes for kids


How to Perform a Song – with Lauren Trotzuk

Evergreen Course – Always online, work at your own pace

This course was designed for kids who want to improve their performance when singing. Learn vocal warm ups, proper techniques, and tools you can apply to any song you sing whether it’s for fun in your living room, for an audition, or on stage.

It feels amazing to be given a solo in a musical. But then what? How do you work on your music? What should you be doing to make it look good as well as sound good? Or maybe you need to prepare a song for an audition and you’re not sure where to start. In this course Lauren will teach you not just how to SING your song but how to PERFORM it. Musical theatre is different from singing in a choir. Your job is to tell a story through song and there are many ways you can do this.


Course Content

9 vocal warm ups + 1 keyboard accompaniment video and 10 full lessons

  • Lesson One: Discovering Your Vocal Range
  • Lesson Two: Choosing Your Song
  • Lesson Three: Finding Music
  • Lesson Four: Warming Up Your Voice
  • Lesson Five: Learning the Music
  • Lesson Six: Expression in Song
  • Lesson Seven: Finishing Your Song
  • Lesson Eight: Body Language
  • Lesson Nine: Watching/Listening to Yourself
  • Lesson Ten: Preparing to Perform


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Online Playmaking Classes for Kids



Playmaking – with Deborah Solberg

Evergreen Course – Always online, work at your own pace

The storytelling series is made up of short (4-8 minute) lessons that introduce storytelling elements to our future authors. These include power point presentations with audio and animation that may be downloaded.



Module One – Imagination

  • Lesson 1 – What is Imagination? Do you have one? How to find your Imagination.
  • Lesson 2 – Let your mind fly and see where it takes you.
  • Lesson 3 – Learning how the Energy Ball can help you create a story.
  • Lesson 4 – Find out who you are as the author of your story.


Module Two – Create a Fairytale

  • Lesson 1 – The beginning and end of your story. What is the magic moment?
  • Lesson 2 – What’s in the middle. Learning about the 5 W’s of storytelling.
  • Lesson 3 – The stepping stones of your story – finding the conflict.
  • Lesson 4 – What’s a protagonist? Who is the antagonist? Learning who the good guys and bad guys are.
  • Lesson 5 – What if? A story can have many different endings.

Module Three – From Dressup to a Play

  • Lesson 1 – Dress-up fun. Be the costume you wear and take the story from there.
  • Lesson 2 – Props – The things you use as a character to help tell your story.
  • Lesson 3 – Puppets – A puppet can be anything, and when you give it a voice, it becomes a story.
  • Lesson 4 – Sound – Whether it is a sound effect (SFX) or a song, your character speaks from the heart to tell a story.


Module Four – Writing Your Play

  • Lesson 1 – Writing Your Play
  • Lesson 2 – What Goes in the Script?
  • Lesson 3 – Script Notes
  • Lesson 4 – Example of a One Act Play


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