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Theatrix Spring Production: The One-Stop Happiness Shop

A shop has appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t there yesterday. Run by a mad scientist and his loopy shop assistants, most would be afraid to enter, if it wasn’t for what the shop claims to sell… Happiness. When a group of children, each dealing with their own personal problems, discover The One-Stop Happiness Shop they’re certain this is the answer they’ve been looking for. A magic pill to get rid of all their problems. But they’re about to learn there’s no shortcut to happiness.



Theatrix Spring Production: The (Im)Perfect Day (Langley)

Sam is having a bad day. An awful day. Sam is having an awful, sad, completely horrible, and just plain crappy day. Normally a cheerful kid, today Sam’s anything but happy and it looks like nothing will be able to change that. But not if Sam’s friends have anything to say about it! They know her better than she knows herself, and they know how to make her happy. At least, they think they do. And they’ll do whatever it takes to bring a smile to Sam’s face; sing a song, do a silly dance, tell a funny joke. Because if they can make her smile then she’ll be happy… won’t she?



Theatrix Fall 2021 Production: The Nutcracker

This fall, Theatrix presents the classic holiday story of The Nutcracker, the tale of a girl whose toy soldier comes to life on Christmas Eve and takes her on an adventure. But this isn’t the ballet! This is an original adaptation created by Theatrix so there’s plenty of great characters, songs, and parts for kids of all ages. This play will also mark the directorial debut of Stef Delisomunovic, who’ll be directing this production in place of Lauren Hillman while she’s taking a brief maternity leave.



Theatrix Spring 2022 Production: Clue – A Whodunit Musical

A holiday at Lockwood Manor goes awry when Professor Plum’s ex, Penelope, is found dead by the swimming pool. Suddenly everyone’s a suspect in this comedic murder mystery. Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, even Mrs. Peacock are on Detective Jade Johnson’s radar. But who is the real killer? That, my friends, is up to you. Cast members enrolled in this production will help create this original musical from scratch using popular murder mystery tropes and characters from the famous board game: Clue. Together, we will script an all-new musical murder mystery, including original songs, to be performed in the spring.


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