The Memory Masquerade

The Memory Masquerade is a 30th-Anniversary event celebrating the past, present, and future of Theatrix. Enjoy a theatrical walking tour filled with activities and exhibits as you explore each of our three themed rooms.

First, join us in The Garden of Dreams as we celebrate the past. This theme was chosen to remind us that in the beginning Theatrix was only the seed of an idea and it has since blossomed into the beautiful and versatile garden of programs and children that we know today.

Next, in the Carnival of Rainbows, we celebrate Theatrix’s present. The carnival aspect represents the naturally chaotic nature of children’s theatre while the rainbow represents the light at the end of a storm, which feels natural as we emerge from a global pandemic.

Finally, celebrate the future in The Sea of Stars. This room reminds us that for our students, and for Theatrix, the future is swimming in endless possibilities.

Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams
featuring…Music by Peter Abando
Vocals by Shannon Messam


Caitlin Picard as Alice in Wonderland
Rachel MacPherson as Jojo
and Art Focus as The Painter

Plants are provided by Gardenworks Coquitlam and Muldoon Greenhouses.

Carnival of Rainbows

Carnival of Rainbows

Benjamin Carson as The Greatest Showman
Cara Vas Timis as Dorothy
Scarlett Richardson as The Detective
Nyah Rosenthal as Mr. White
Fred Bauer and Caidance Lundquist as Circus Artists

with special performances by…
Spirit of Dance
Circus West

Sea of Stars

The Theatrix Rising Star Ensemble:
Madelyn Hansen
Kayden Meehan
Emma Kolda
Emma Fursevich
Sierra Halstead
Miray Ozgur
Kiera Niguma
Addison Pope
Meha Muralidharan
Sophie Kolda
Andrea Stoyanova

Lighting design by Innovation Lighting
Recorded performances by dancers from Perform Art Studios
Choreography by Ashley Binette
Original music by Yurgen Ilaender
Lyrics by Lauren Trotzuk, Kalia Mesto, Luna Calvo, Lovanna, Emma Fursevich, and Krystyn Kurzyna.

Special thanks to our sponsors and partners for this event:

Gardenworks Coquitlam | Muldoon Greenhouses | Hampton Home Living | Art Focus | Circus West | Spirit of Dance | Tri-Cities Community TV | Perform Art Studios | Coquitlam Minor Football

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