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A shop has appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t there yesterday. Run by a mad scientist and his loopy shop assistants, most would be afraid to enter, if it wasn’t for what the shop claims to sell… Happiness. When a group of children, each dealing with their own personal problems, discover The One-Stop Happiness Shop they’re certain this is the answer they’ve been looking for. A magic pill to get rid of all their problems. But they’re about to learn there’s no shortcut to happiness.

This will be our second original play of the season to deal with important social topics. In this case, the play will get kids thinking and talking about their mental health, what it means to be happy, and how exactly it can be achieved. Rehearsals will include mental health activities often used in acting like meditation, visualization, yoga, and more. This show will also involve clown elements and actors will get to explore their inner clowns as they help create this play from scratch.

Due to the nature of the current pandemic, rehearsals and performances may change format as we progress. Live rehearsals are scheduled twice a week, but will move online to Zoom if necessary. Depending on the size of the cast actors may also be placed in a small group for rehearsals to limit social contact. A live performance is planned for June 12, as part of a mini Theatre Festival, so actors can perform this play back to back with children in another cast. Performances will also be recorded and live streamed for those who cannot attend in person.

Once you’ve registered, you will be contacted in January to schedule an audition time. Auditions help us meet the actors, and see who’s suited to which roles in the play. But everyone who registers will be cast in the production. Auditions will take place January 22, over Zoom.

Note: As health guidelines continue to change over the next few months it is possible that the entire play will need to be recorded and that performances may be virtual only.

Ages: 6-16

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