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How to Perform a Song with Lauren Trotzuk


About the instructor

Lauren is a singer, actor, dancer, director, and playwright whose favorite credits include Little Red in Into The Woods (NSLOS), Jemima in CATS (Fighting Chance) and Bianca in Taming of the Shrew (Bard in The Valley). Lauren is also the artistic director of her Langley based theatre company Capricorn Theatre Productions, which produces original musical theatre.

When not performing, Lauren finds any opportunity to share her theatre passion by teaching it to others. With a background in education, she currently teaches private voice and piano lessons in addition to musical theatre at Lights Up Langley Musical Theatre School. She also teaches Theatrix’s Lunchbox and Spotlight Theatre programs as well as being our in-house vocal coach and one of our composers. She believes there is room for everyone in theatre and works hard to create a place where others can express themselves through the arts.

[ 10-lesson workshop with 9 vocal warm ups + 1 keyboard accompaniment, with video and supporting materials ]

A Vocal Class with Lauren Trotzuk

This course was designed for kids who want to improve their performance when singing. Learn vocal warm ups, proper techniques, and tools you can apply to any song you sing whether it’s for fun in your living room, for an audition, or on stage.

It feels amazing to be given a solo in a musical. But then what? How do you work on your music? What should you be doing to make it look good as well as sound good? Or maybe you need to prepare a song for an audition and you’re not sure where to start. In this course Lauren will teach you not just how to SING your song but how to PERFORM it. Musical theatre is different from singing in a choir. Your job is to tell a story through song and there are many ways you can do this.


Course Content

9 vocal warm ups + 1 keyboard accompaniment video

Lesson One: Discovering Your Vocal Range

Your vocal range refers to what notes you can comfortably hit. Range can always be improved with practice but to be successful as a singer you need to know what your range is so you can choose songs that suit your voice.

Lesson Two: Choosing Your Song

Once you know your range you will need to explore the different types of songs so that you can find what is right for your voice. In musical theatre you want to be sure to select a song that both showcases your vocal talents as well as your performing abilities.

Lesson Three: Finding Music

Now that you have found the perfect song you will need to find music to help you learn! Sheet music and audio recordings can sometimes be hard to find!

Lesson Four: Warming Up Your Voice

There are many (many) different vocal warm ups out there for your voice! Here are a few easy tips for getting your voice ready.

Lesson Five: Learning the Music

You’ve picked a song that’s perfect for you, your voice is warmed up and now it’s time to start practicing the material. But how? Lyrics, melody, and rhythm. These are the first things to work on while learning the music to your song.

Lesson Six: Expression in Song

Singing isn’t just making the notes sound pretty. This video provides some insight on adding expression into your performance.

Lesson Seven: Finishing Your Song

Once you know your song you will need to go through and work out some trouble sections, whether it’s pitch, range, etc.

Lesson Eight: Body Language

Singers aren’t just talking heads. Don’t forget what you are doing with your body when you are singing. Plant those feet, stay grounded, and tell the story!

Lesson Nine: Watching/Listening to Yourself

Watching yourself perform can be one of the hardest things to do! But one of the best ways to grow is to hear and see yourself or to perform for others to get feedback.

Lesson Ten: Preparing to Perform

You are almost ready to perform! But what happens if you get nervous? Here are some final things to remember while performing.

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